Our affordable assisted living communities offer residents optional personal care and nursing services.

One Penny Place is Wisconsin’s first affordable assisted living facility.

SunStarr continually strives to provide seniors a variety of amenities that add to their quality of life. Under SunStarr's affordable assisted living model, services such as meals, laundry, housekeeping, wellness activities as well as personal care and nursing services are all available to our residents on an optional basis.

Beginning in 2001, SunStarr helped pioneer an innovative affordable assisted living model that combined the affordability features of the federal housing Tax-Credit Program with the service options available within a Residential Care Apartment Complex (RCAC). As a result, SunStarr co-developed One Penny Place, Wisconsin's first affordable assisted living facility, in 2002.

SunStarr continued to build upon this model by working closely with state and local agencies to integrate the service funding components of Wisconsin's progressive Family Care Program into its affordable assisted living model. A second facility, Garden Place, opened in Milwaukee in 2005 to great success. Currently, SunStarr has two additional projects under development in Milwaukee.

View the Garden Place RCAC Case Study sponsored by the Coming Home Program and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Garden Place
Milwaukee, WI
One Penny Place Woodruff, WI
Garden Terrace
Milwaukee WI
Clarke Square Terrace
Milwaukee, WI
Becher Terrace
Milwaukee, WI
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